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We believe in “co-creation”, meaning we work very closely with you every step of the way. We love what we do, and work with passion to create learning that genuinely adds value.


Our Primary Services we offer

Our Services in more detail

Our Services in more detail

Learning & Development Strategy

Every organisations strength come from capability and potential of the people from within it. With this in mind organisations needs to get the very best out of their people, but many miss a trick in this area by not aligning Learning & Development Strategy to Business Strategy. Nicholas Associates Consulting supports organisations to define (through TNA), prioritise and align their L&D Strategy to fit the direction of travel the business is taking not just now but over a period of several years. This ensures your peoples learning is aligned to future growth and change, and supports your business needs moving forward.

Digital Learning

Digital learning is any type of learning that is facilitated by technology, so it can be hard to understand what’s right for your business. From responsive e-Learning to custom designed apps our in-house design team can coach you through your options and decide what would be most effective for your learners. Whether you’re a technology-know-it-all or technophobe we’ll help you talk the digital language and get to the heart of your learning needs.

Instructor-Led Training

From needs identification to evaluation, we deliver the full training cycle. But where we excel is in our instructional design practices. Working closely with subject matter experts, we work with our clients to co-create face-to-face programmes that have a lasting effect on the skills and behaviours of their employees. Our training is always supported by self-directed learning and application to ensure a full learning journey is established.

Management & Leadership Development

As a leader you are a custodian of your organisational strategy, values and competencies that you want your workforce to adopt. Leaders need to balance task and people effectively, set an example for others to aspire to follow, drive innovation, and deliver results through others. With this in mind our Management & Leadership Interventions are designed with your strategy and values to ensure the solution fits your organisation.

Career Navigation

Career navigation can be a little like trying to run through treacle, organisations change so fast, roles change, structures change, how do we navigate through this and set direction for ourselves. Nicholas Associates Consulting can support this through creation of a Career Navigation Guide. The guide will measure you against your organisational values, competencies, skills and behaviours. It will point out your strengths as well as areas for development, and allow you to measure yourself against specific roles so you can target your developmental priorities and set direction for the next step of your career.

Knowledge Transfer

Many organisations these days are putting themselves at risk, they are losing key people, through retirement for example, or natural attrition, who have a whole world of knowledge within their minds. Much of this knowledge has never been documented. When these people leave it leaves a knowledge gap that the organisation either spends many years filling, or they spend a lot of money replacing. Nicholas Associates Consulting specialise in working with these key people, and documenting their knowledge so that it can be used either as a guide for the next role-holder, for creating a Learning & Development Framework, or for succession planning and recruitment.

Coaching & Mentoring

Do you want to support career transitions in your business? Or maybe performance support? Well, coaching and mentoring could be key. We believe the relationship is always at the heart of coaching. With a mix of the right tools, techniques and challenge, we can help you have powerful results. No matter what type of coaching or mentoring you require, we’ll ensure an air of positivity allowing you to reframe your thinking to access innovative solutions.

Technical Documentation

When a product goes into the market it needs at very least compliance labeling and a user manual/instructions. Some products need servicing and maintaining which means a service manual or other form of technical documentation is needed. NA Consulting have a really good understanding of product compliance regulations in not only the UK but also worldwide rollouts. Documentation is designed to a professional standard and will meet your branding specification. NA Consulting are proficient with all kinds of technical drawing, exploded diagrams or even CAD/SolidWorks designs and we can work this into your documentation for you!

Behavioural & Psychological Assessment

Assessment is a gift, it allows you to have a deeper insight into yourself. It will highlight your strengths and your weaknesses, you positive and negative behaviours, the impact you have on those around you. As a Manager or Leader it is a must have! Assessment is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you a high level of self-awareness, and the ability to change and develop with a view to having greater impact on both process and people. It challenges your thinking, and it challenges your self-perception. Assessment comes in many forms, at Nicholas Associates we deliver assessments that cover Management/Leadership competencies and possible derailleurs, Influencing Ability, Conflict Management, Interpersonal Behaviour, 360-Degree Survey, Psychological Preferences and Emotional Intelligence. Assessment is a must have for any Manager or Leader who have the ambition to develop and grow their effectiveness, and are concerned about the impact they have on others and their organisation.

Change Management

Change is constant! This we know, especially in today’s volatile and complex work environment. Organisations that don’t change over time tend to suffer in the medium to long term. But, change is one of the most difficult things to get right in the organisational world and particularly to sustain. Nicholas Associates Consulting support organisations going through these difficult periods of change with a top down – bottom up approach which involves all levels of the organisation. This way change is not “done to people”, it is “done with people”, and all are part of the journey. We also support in sustaining the change for the longer term to meet your future needs.

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